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Nuts & Volts
30 April 2014, 0958
I havent seen anyone mention this machine yet. They just debuted it last week with some great pictures and specs. Multiple sources have various pictures. It seems to be a continuation or expansion on

Based on spacing and layout. I would say that this bike is a blend of the motoczysz and Kingston '13 bikes. Concentric swingarm with large diameter motor and big carbon battery pack taking up the front half like kingston. Then the controller is mounted under the motor and a large diamond swingarm similar to Motoczysz design.

The specs-
Saroléa monotube carbon fibre frame •
Carbon fibre monocoque rear swingarm
Regenerative braking, Single speed, No clutch, Direct chain-driven
Top speed: 250 km/h (155mph)
130 kW (180 Hp) - 400 Nm
0 - 100 km/h: 2,8 sec
Weight: 200 kg

I believe the weight, depending on how much energy they actually have on board. My guess is that they have ~12kWh and won't be very fast at the IOM. Doing some digging and calculations I think they're specs are right on. I am 100% sure they have a Rinehart PM100 (probably DXR model) based on an image of the cooling lines on the sarolea webpage. I'm 90% sure they are using a Yasa 750 based on the shape, location and mounting holes of the motor. Also the fact that they claim 400Nm which is the cont rating of the Yasa 750.

Then looking at the gearing it seems they have about a 1:1 which means at 155mph the rear wheel and motor is at 2400RPM which makes perfect sense for a 300V battery need with the Rinehart/Yasa combo.

Anyways it's a pretty machine, would love to know more about the batteries, but they definitely have a pretty good package for the IOM.

30 April 2014, 1316
Im wondering what thier actual spec is, those friendly Belgians. Didn't really expected a Belgian team to join the ev racing motor cycle club. The most innovative part of this bike has to be the frame, yet looking at the total weight its not so revolutionary as i believe is needed to run the IOM.

My prediction is that its going to be the Mugen Shinden san this year, as the motocysis isnt running (a very big shame).

Tomorrow I will have some time at work to try and get myself a Matlab simulation of a electric racing motor cycle worked out, just for comparisons sake (adaption from my Nordschliefe model for actual work related things). Any got any telemetry data for the Ilse of Man, im looking for a speed/time data line?

30 April 2014, 1605
N&V, I was noticing that 1:1 gear ratio also. I assumed they had a reduction gear inside somewhere, but maybe I'm wrong. I didn't think you could gear an electric that high. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was the Moto-Electra Norton.