View Full Version : Harley Rolling chassis?

30 April 2014, 1254
Does anyone have a Harley Davidson rolling chassis (good frame, good brakes, title)?

I want to make an electric harley, and all I need is to decide on is a donor bike

if you have one or know of any let me know, if you know of one with a blown engine... that works for me!

I'm in the boston area but willing to travel to pick it up.


02 May 2014, 0220
Would be surprised of you could pick up just a rolling chassis, likely better off to go for a sportster 883 and just ditch they motor (it's the only part that lets it down anyway IMO - speaking in HD relative terms of course...;)) - they're cheap enough and parts compatible, they doll up pretty nice too although they'll never give you the heritage classic stance if that's what you're after.

02 May 2014, 0617

This would be cool!