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26 September 2010, 1601
Oh dear, looks like all is not well in the Agni camp.
The following are postings by 'bullet59' (Rob Barber, Agni no.1 rider) on the iomtt forum.

please see link for proper context of these excerpts.

09-19-2010, 6:56 PM

All I would say is if the Zero racing was full of people who really cared about the technology and were passionate about it then I would be behind it but unfortunatly most of the people involved are out to make as much money as they can in as little time as they can. People who are passionate seem to be being ripped off and thick people who know nothing about the technology seem to be making loads of money.

For that reason I'm out. Unless there is a team who's importance is the technology not money.

I'm not talking about every team and if you do your homework you can sort of get who I'm talking about.

09-20-2010, 3:30 PM

I Have nothing Bad to say about the TT Organisors and hope the TT and Manx go from strength to strength.

My comment were made about another Organisor who wasn't at the TT in 2010 and some teams. Lets just say the man with no shoes only gets paid 100 a week and and has no share of the company but is the only one with a brain.

Theres you riddle for the week.

I would just like at this point to public thank Don Williamson who basically built both 2010 eleccy bikes for nothing and what a dam good job he did. His engineering was brilliant.

09-23-2010, 5:59 PM

The man with no shoes designed the motors the person who built this years bikes was a guy call Don Williamson (a retired enigneer who has a long histroy with bikes at the TT) while others spent most of the time in India not doing much.

Last years bike was built by the man with no shoes hence the big difference.

I think it's fair to assume the thinly veiled references are Agni, TTXGP and Cedric Lynch. If not I unreservedly apologise.


27 September 2010, 0116
Hmm. It was my understanding that the TTXGP was asked not to come back to the Isle, we'll do it ourselves thank you. About the same response the FIM gave them after learning how they set up the series. Maybe he should race in the US? It seems like a pretty hard core group this year.

But what was with Zero dropping out of the US TTXGP after 2 rounds?

27 September 2010, 0633
So, if someone were staring a new team in it for the challenge and fun rather than money, does that mean they could snatch up Rob Barber for free?........