View Full Version : "Holy s##t!" the amazing Zero SR electric motorcycle blows our minds

12 May 2014, 2139
By Loz Blain

May 12, 2014 on Gizmag.com

It's been about three years since we last tested one of Zero Motorcycles' electric bikes, and in that time, the company has been very busy. Compared to the 2011 Zero S, the 2014 Zero SR has between 200-400 percent more everything – riding this bike was an absolutely shocking progress report on the state of the art. The SR represents a liminal moment in motorcycling. We may look back in years to come and see this as the first time an electric motorcycle stood shoulder to shoulder with petrol powered bikes, and made them feel like yesterday's heroes.

Read more HERE (http://www.gizmag.com/zero-sr-2014-electric-motorcycle-review-test-ride/32015/)

13 May 2014, 0733
That may be the most positive EV review I've ever read.

13 May 2014, 1304
I know, right??? Even the comments were interesting reading instead of the typical EV bashing.

13 May 2014, 1527
Maybe because Wes Siler wasn't involved?

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14 May 2014, 0738
impressive....0-60! 20K ? Not cheap but best specs ive seen! Tempting.

14 May 2014, 0854
I wonder how the other electric cycles companies are doing?:confused:

14 May 2014, 0902
Lightning is officially introducing their superbike in a few weeks. Not in the same league i.e. a lot more sophisticated than the Zero, and promises to be extremely exciting.

19 May 2014, 1902
Gizmag followed up with a video review. I think they like it.