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01 July 2014, 0755
Here is a really cool use of a Zero electric power train: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eYIfGGk2yg#t=387 :cool:

01 July 2014, 2227
Interesting. The Zero setup still weighs 2x over an equivalent Rotax 503 and the Zero still costs more. An ME1003 motor has ~20% more torque though...and the Zero motor would top that. That helps swing their relatively large 70" prop...which is actually being over sped in the video (that annoying prop sound during climb out as the tips approach mach 1).

For generating thrust, spinning a larger prop slower is more efficient than spinning a smaller prop faster.

I've seen those Rotax gearboxes mated to a lot of engines...but never to an electric motor. Cool.

Two great benefits to the Zero setup: much more reliable than a Rotax AND no motor performance penalty with altitude. Oh, and the Zero likely lasts longer than a Rotax before overhaul too.

But, takeoff & climb out usually require a lot of power...sometimes even full power. Even if the thing climbs reasonably well at 1000fpm, that's still a high C-rate for one minute to make only 1000ft above the ground.

It would be interesting to know what maximum performance takeoff draws.