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13 July 2014, 1648
Got this in my email today:

Dear Rider

The Energica Staff is pleased to announce that you have been selected to participate in the exclusive Where is my EGO Tour USA in San Francisco.
You are one of the lucky bikers having the chance to ride Energica EGO, the first electric superbike 100% Made in Italy!

Test ride is this coming friday. Woo!

16 July 2014, 2218
I got the same email last Sunday. Today I got another email forming me that ""Unfortunately all the slots for the Energica EGO test ride had been already booked". Was your test ride confirmed?

16 July 2014, 2312
Yes, it was. I didn't realize that there were limited slots until today. I did a test ride of my bike to see if it could make it up Hwy 84 to Alice's (it did!). I was surprised to find the EGO team up there. Apparently I arrived while they were doing press rides. They mentioned the limit at that time.

Sorry man.

17 July 2014, 1606
After expressing my surprise and unhappiness, here is the explanation I got from Energica:
"we faced a huge number of requests and this causes an overbooking.
Unfortunately we had a bike crash with a tester yesterday... and 1 bike less for few days.
the ego tour is managed with 4 bikes for tests.. and 1 less means many tester less. we couldn't know it before and we wrote immediately to the scheduled riders.
II don't know where you are based, but we can try to schedule a slot in LA 20-22 july or later on in NYC.
Otherwise, I am pleased to inform you that a bike will stay in US after the tour and it will also come back to Bay Area. so it will be very easy to arrange a meeting and see the bike"

It doesn't make me feel a lot better, but at least they took the time to answer me.

17 July 2014, 2119
Yeah. I saw the downed bike. Sad. I figured that had something to do with some folks not getting slots.

27 January 2015, 1515
Energica goes here and goes there and now they have moved into Canada:

https://rideapart.com/articles/electric-motorcycle-energica-canada-shop?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+HellForLeather+%28Hell+For+Le ather%29

30 July 2015, 1052
This is a great video review by Translogic of the new Energica Ego, which I believe is now being sold by Hollywood Electrics: