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17 July 2014, 1603
Hi gang. As much as I enjoy the technical side of el-motos, I like to ride too. I thought Id post pics from a recent off-road-ish adventure ride.

Earlier this year, Id developed a small crack in my rear cell rack. So, I rebuilt that with a much stronger design. This required some good testing out in the field...

Im happy to report the improvements passed. I even took a few small jumps on a fun 29-mile and 40Ah ride.

The beauty of the el-moto is that hikers smiled and they actually wanted to talk with me.


04 July 2015, 0050

04 July 2015, 0748
Enviromentalists and dirtbikers have been fighting for decades. The Sahara Club was created to combat enviro-nazi tactics used by the Sierra Club.
el Motos can only help.