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25 October 2014, 1128
For those who have been following Enertrac and it Wheel motor development I though I'd Show how we evolved the motor (very very different motor from our commercial product but still a Drum motor) to work as a winch motor for NASA in the retraction of the hoses at "T0" launch time
EnerTrac motor is used in two different stages of the SLS Rocket on the OSMU and ICPSU. This has been a two year plus ongoing development project

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25 October 2014, 1150
Great job !!!!

OSMU @ 0:56

ICPSU @ 1:17

Next Enertac motor will have some improvment out of this research or the two motor are too different to make a tecnology contamination from Nasa to everyone :)


25 October 2014, 1210
Great job !!!!

OSMU @ 0:56

ICPSU @ 1:17

Next Enertrac motor will have some improvement out of this research or the two motor are too different to make a technology contamination from Nasa to everyone :)


The two motors are very different as NASA has no concern about weight for instance there motor has a Stainless Steel axle but the upgraded class H insulation materials have migrated to our standard motor products and we plan on going to the same grade of magnets NASA is using N45SH in the future. Lots of good testing data and Methods to get that data such as this Dyno and the development of a cradle mounting method for the motor

26 October 2014, 0436
Nice project, congratulations Mark !
So, that was the aim of your tests with Sevcon Size 6 & 8 during this summer.
Definetely interrested in your future MH motor improvements !

26 October 2014, 2116
I got to see Jon's new motor for the Catavolt on the weekend - very impressed with it's low weight. Looking forward to seeing how it goes at Sydney next month.

28 October 2014, 1359

Wow! You should be very proud.

29 October 2014, 1646
Congratulations, Mark!! GO Enertrac :D