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05 November 2014, 1219
I am looking at a Sevcon size 6 for my conversion. The specs sheet says.
nominal batt. voltae 72-80 VDC
max operating voltage 116 VDC

I am trying to understand if I can have a batt. pack voltage of 106 VDC nominal.


Nuts & Volts
05 November 2014, 1248
Max charge voltage can be 116.4V fully charged. So 28s would allow you to charge to 4.157V per cell. So you lose about 2-3% of the battery but gain a lot of cycles doing that. So 27s is what you can do if you want 4.2V/cell fully charged.

28s puts you at about 102-104V nominally as the max nominal voltage you can have

05 November 2014, 2059
Depends on the cell chemistry. If it's LiFePO4, then 106V nominal is probably 32S (at 3.3V/cell nominal). If you charge to 3.6V/cell, that's 115.2V and you're OK.

If you're using most other chemistries that charger to 4.1-4.2V max, then what N&V said ^^^. Go with 28S.