View Full Version : Sevcon + ME1302

15 November 2014, 1301
I am struggling to tune Sevcon to work properly with the Motenergy ME1302 or more known as DLC-28 motor.

I have the DVT software, interface and dcf. file for 80V, my sistem voltage is 105V. Actually motor spins, but only hits around 2000RPM and starts to oscilate

Best solution will be if I can get dcf. file from someone who uses same setup and it works correctly. Very optimistic wishes:)

I am going to tune it by myself, just do not know what to do next. I have changed almost all possible parameters, with no success. I spent 3 hours almost every day for last 2 months and I am starting to lose patience:p

Any advice?

I am also willing to sell Sevcon and buy something else. Is there any other controller which supports sin/cos encoder,200Arms continuous current and 600Arms for 1minute? Kelly is not an option:D

15 November 2014, 1438
are you doing test under load or the motor is free to spin ? How much is set the maximum rpm ?

16 November 2014, 1104
All tests are done without load. Maximum RPM is set to 6000RPM.