View Full Version : Curtis 1221M limitation

11 December 2014, 2235
Can anyone run down the pros and cons of the Curtis 1221M-6701 or the Curtis 1205M series controllers please.

If I plan on running a motor rated for 72v and 400amp is there any reason the 1221 also rated at 72v and with a 2 min 550a rating (225a 1 hour) is not up to the task?

My goals are not lofty. I want to get a 50 mph motorcycle on the road with decent acceleration on a budget. I plan on spending my money on the battery pack for range rather than spending it on speed/power.

It seems that the 1221 series controllers were quite popular with early EV conversions but other options seem to have gained favor as the market and EV builders gained sophistication.

Just looking for some basic info here since I am not that versed in controller technology yet.