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19 December 2014, 1544
It looks like a nice clean design and has sufficient performance for urban use, but 84 lb-ft of torque from a 4.5 kW motor? :confused:


19 December 2014, 2000
Hub motors spin slow. HP = Torque x RPM / 5252, so at low speed you need more torque to make the same power.

4.5 kW = 6 HP

RPM = HP * 5252 / Torque

6 HP * 5252 / 84 lb-ft = 378 RPM

A typical scooter will go 45 mph with the hub spinning 600 RPM. Peak power around 400 RPM seems about right.

21 December 2014, 1146
Looking forward to see their product. Sounds like a worthy replacement for my 125cc ride. I like the fact that you can pull the battery and recharge it off the bike. Charging is a huge deal for people in apartments and condos with a shared garage. If I could get a job closer by, something like this might be all I need.