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31 December 2014, 1101
I am posting this to get opinions from this awesome EV community...

When I built my conversion 3 years ago, running a 72v AGM pack was completely out of the question so I didn't even consider that route.
Now, with the advent on Nissan modules, a whole new direction for my build has become available and there are so many options to examine that just simply wasn't in my budget 3 years ago.

I now have the ability to implement a 88volt 60ah pack in my smallish dirtbike chassis.

So, I am now looking at revising the entire system, and replacing all of the components.

So, my question has to do with what motor I should consider. I'm looking at DC PM brushed vs brushless motors.
I still have budget restraints of course. but with 88volts on tap, I have many more options than I had before.

So here it is: If YOU had a nice 450 dirtbike chassis to convert (space being fairly tight), and a battery pack of 88v nominal, 60ah available, which motor/controller combo would YOU select? (Please no unobtainium suggestions!)

Thanks!! Let the debate begin!! :cool:

31 December 2014, 2101
Zero powertrain ( ZF motors + Sevcon)

01 January 2015, 1036
Zero powertrain ( ZF motors + Sevcon)

That would be sweet, but I think this idea goes into the "unobtainium" file

Nuts & Volts
01 January 2015, 1502
That would be sweet, but I think this idea goes into the "unobtainium" file

Not at all. These can be attained. I have one on my R6. It's not for everyone hence why Zero doesnt just sell them direct.

01 January 2015, 1548
Price, dimensions, specs ? I googled and checked their website and found no information on this whatsoever.
I don't know how well it would fit in my small frame, if at all.

02 January 2015, 0418
Who sells them? Have contacted Zero myself in this regard and they seem very selective about the whole thing.

03 January 2015, 1323
Try Harlan at Hollywood Electrics. I spoke to him recently and said he can get them, but since Zero is producing 2015s right now, the motor won't be available for a couple of months.

03 January 2015, 2102
I'll have to check and find out what they cost. Probably be outta my budget. Leaning towards ME1003 and SPM

05 January 2015, 0913
After a few emails back and forth with Harlan Flagg of Hollywood Electrics, I've got the low down on these Zero powertrains ...

There are 3 HP options available: 44, 54 and 67 ranging in price from $2500-3500 usd plus additional $500 for programming and calibration... As mentioned above, they wont be available for 3-4 months as bike production takes priority of supply (understandable)... includes motor and controller
The smallest package (44 HP FX model) runs a max 116volts

The good news is that this powertrain can be had for a reasonable price by anyone and if it works for your application than it may be good choice.
The bad news is that they wont pair well with Nissan Leaf modules (for me anyway, with limited space), as the Zero battery pack provides almost twice the C rating as Leafs,
so the minimum required 28s (14 module Leaf pack) will work but be at its limit, probably not much range. It would be an interesting experiment, but an expensive one.

I hope this info can help someone.

Nuts & Volts
05 January 2015, 1046

The leaf modules work just fine with any of the zero setups. I'm running a 28s pack with these size6 sevcon and larger motor. I've pulled over 450A from that battery setup no problem. I'm not at the limits of the cells. I also get 40/45miles on the highway at 70/75mph. And close to 60miles city.

Either way it's a good match with the zero powertrain just less range and less weight. And a lot less money than a zero battery.

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05 January 2015, 1437
Thanks for that info... PM sent
I think I can make a 14 module pack fit sideways, I have to re-weld my frame anyway to make the 10 module pack fit...
I need to reconsider maybe.