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11 February 2015, 1537
It looks like the Brammo Empulse caught a disease from an old British bike:

Recalls - Search Results | Safercar.gov | NHTSA (http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/recalls/recallresults.cfm?start=1&SearchType=DateSearch&date=01/01/2010&type=V&SCR323=false&summary=true&prod_id=0&PrintVersion=YES)

12 February 2015, 1344
hope my Empulse R will arrive already fixed :)

12 February 2015, 1651
Here are the details regarding this issue, as posted by Brammo Quality Control on the Brammo Owners Forum:


They also mentioned that affected bikes that were sold in Europe would soon be recalled there, too. I imagine that before any more Empulses will be delivered in Europe, they would have already been retrofitted.

14 February 2015, 1315
hope my Empulse R will arrive already fixed :)

From the article that Richard cited:

"The manufacturer says that bikes manufactured after VIN 51RUB5567ET00831 and 7/8/2014 no longer have this problem..."

AFAIK, this is a rare problem: The bike has to be operated in sub-freezing temperatures and revved to over 5000 rpm before the tranny oil has had a chance to warm up.

The fix is easy and worth doing for sure.