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30 September 2010, 1606
I know a lot of you stateside are interested in the Buell brand and how it was shafted by Harley.
Anyway, I just read an article in Oct Performance Bikes along the lines that part of Erik Buell's severance package was that he wasn't allowed to develop any road bikes for a period of time, and that that period is now over.
So, he's developing a road version of the 185bhp V-twin 1190RR to get it homologated, and then go racing with it.

Nice one!


30 September 2010, 1641
Yes, I wish Erik all the luck in the world in rebuilding his company, but it's going to be a tough road ahead. It does look like he will be building some street 1190RR's to homologate them for AMA racing, but I would be very surprised if they cost any less than $40K. An affordable and competitive American superbike is just as far off as it ever was, and that is unfortunate.

30 September 2010, 1802
He has a good product, but getting financing to build and market it in production numbers is not going to be easy. Plus, there is the matter of establishing a dealer network. You can bet that Harley dealers won't give Buell the time of day.

30 September 2010, 1932
I've been thinking it would be nice to see him work with Victory. The dealer network would be there.