View Full Version : LIVEWIRE TEST RIDE

14 May 2015, 1943
Today I got a call from the big HD dealer in Vancouver confirming my Livewire test ride next Friday. [emoji2]

I'm pretty excited to try it out, and will report back with photos and details.

It will be my first time ever on a Harley.

15 May 2015, 0717
Nice. I rode it last fall. You will love it. It was my first, and only, time on a Harley as well.

I am sure there are people who are not in favor, but I was surprised that everyone I saw or spoke to at the dealer was a huge fan, especially after they rode it.

26 June 2015, 2006
Still seems like HD won't go electric for awhile.

27 June 2015, 1204
It will never fly. H-D is stuck in the 50's :cool:
They had Eric Buell and let him walk! He was their best option at stepping into the future and couldn't give him the support he deserved. Many H-D dealerships simply wouldn't sell or repair Buells. IMHO