View Full Version : Riding a Zero in the Bay Area [and farasis batteries...]

26 July 2015, 1030
About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of riding a Zero SR in BMW San Jose.

They had a special ride event (everyone welcome) with lots of bikes and some a bunch of zero employees.

I rode both the SR 2014 and SR 2015, the biggest difference for me was the throttle. 2014 is a Magura and 2015 is a Domino (much much nicer in my opinion). There is also the thing about the larger pack in the 2015 version.

They are open for test rides all the time (they just have less bikes available) so i'd recommend any elmoto fans in the bay area to check it out sometime [just google San Jose BMW]. I had a blast riding both bikes.

Also has anyone been able to source some farasis batteries? Zero says they wont sell any of their individual components (understandably due to liability concerns). A zero FX 5.7kWh pack would be nice to add to a donor gas cycle!

here is me with a zero SR! 6653

(worst part of the day was riding back home on my gas bike and missing all that beautiful instant torque...)

27 July 2015, 0853
thanks for the heads up! Next time I'm down in that area I'll try and stop in and check it out.