View Full Version : Why is my Kelly regening?

31 July 2015, 1510
I'm using an older KDHA brushed Kelly controller on my emoto. I have all the settings for regen on OFF. Yet, when the bike is moving and I roll back on the hall throttle, I get regen. This is really annoying, especially at stop signs. It's almost dangerous if I have someone following me close in traffic, as my bike will suddenly decelerate at the exact moment when I want to accelerate. If I turn the throttle quickly, the regen is only for a fraction of a second, so it's not the end of the world, but still a total PITA.

The issue is that the controller seems to interpret a throttle voltage as regen when the speed of the bike is higher than the corresponding throttle voltage.

So let's say I am riding a steady speed of 20mph. I release the throttle, then when I roll the throttle back on, at say 10 or 15mph (or any speed above 4mph) the controller does regen at a very partial throttle position. I can actually hold the throttle there and the regen will stay on until I come to a stop. But normally I want to accelerate and so after coasting, I roll on the throttle, get regen deceleration for a split second, and then I accelerate as the throttle is applied further.

Any ideas how to stop this from happening? I've been changing the settings in the controller, but nothing stops it.
Here is a pic of my regen settings in the software.

31 July 2015, 1618
Yes this is an annoying problem with the older Kelly's. The new ones seem to be a little better, I hate it when I am cornering.

You can reduce the effect if you slow down the "Throttle Up/Down rate", but you may not like the feel after that.

01 August 2015, 0945
is a normal issue of brushed controller , when you ask "half" but the motor is spinning more than "half" what you get is a bike slowing down instead of speeding up. You only get acceleration if the throttle setting is higher than current motor speed.

Slow ramp can make this problem worst because it takes time for the controller to reach the point where the voltage sent to the motor is higher than the voltage the motor is creating by spinning

03 August 2015, 1045
Every other brush controller/motor I've used does not have this problem. I had a newer Kelly on an EVT168 with brushed hub, and it was super smooth. I also had some brushed ebike motors with cheap chinese controllers - really smooth operation as well.

You are right about the up/down rate. I am going to put it back on the fastest setting. I had it on medium and takeoffs where hard to initiate smoothly.