View Full Version : Anecdotal evidence that electric vehicles alleviating COPD, info that may soon be ..

27 October 2015, 2240
.. this info my soon be censored, too. (Lots of good info get censored, look up 'blacklisted news').

I noticed that during, and after, I ride my electric 'cycle, I could smell odors that I could not smell when driving my gasser car or gas scooter.

Same observation, when I drove an full-size electric vehicle, too.

My gasser scooter would make me couigh at stoplights, when the exhaust fumes caught up with me.

Then, I met some older gents who rode electric 'cycles although they owned Harley's, because they had COPD.

Today, I saw on Kickstarter that a 74-year old guy who bought a Glion 100 electric scooter said that the scooter allowed him to move about without triggering his COPD.


Anybody else, chime in?

Seems to me that if it is proven that electric rides are somehow a 'cure' for COPD, then the inverse logic, that fossil fuels cause COPD, will be a firestorm of controversy -- just like cigarette smoking and cancer.