View Full Version : different approach!

06 December 2015, 1449
Has anyone seen this yet?

It looks interesting

06 December 2015, 2238
Certainly a different approach.

But different does not make things necessarily better.

They don't say much in which way it's better or worse.

I guess the limited space in the front wheel is a constraint.

07 December 2015, 1911
I think it's success will depend on how well it holds up under abuse. At $699 and usable with a large variety of bikes, it could appeal to a lot of folks if it's reliable.

08 December 2015, 1308
Looks wobbly.... The triangle made between spokes, wheel and hub is incredibly strong and true....with minimum weight. I see no advantage? Several hub motors have the controller built in...so that's not even one.

10 December 2015, 0105
Spokes hold a wheels skinny rim straight and in a circle. It looks like they have just taken the spokes out of a bicycle rim. If it's not super strong, it will be a banana the first time you hit a pothole.