View Full Version : Deciphering the Kelly Controller Range

15 December 2015, 1902
Has anyone checked out the confusing range for Sine Wave Controller from Kelly Controllers?

Might be easy for some, but the way that Kelly have their website set up, it's hard to know what is what.

There's the new KLS8080i range, but I'm trying to work out what the IPS is at the end of the model and the difference between all the different controllers? WaterProof? As in IP sealed?

There's no information about what each model's application is either.


UPDATE: Got an extremely quick reply from Kelly.

KLS8080I is designed for the motor with common three hall sensors.
KLS8080IPS is designed for the motor with sine/cosine speed sensors.
You can find the details in configuration in KLS8080I/IPS user manual.
When speed sensor type is at 4 for linear hall sensor(sin/cosin speed sensor),you need to use KLS8080IPS controller.
For example,we can provide Mars 1115 motor with sin/cosin speed sensor.
There are +5V,GND,Sin and Cosin port from this speed sensor.

If you can check KLS user manual,you will find the difference.

18 December 2015, 1148
Also, marginally related, the apparently the difference between the more expensive KLS8080-D and cheaper KLS8080-S (that are generally in the same voltage/current range) other than the form factor and CANBus is that the KLS-D is rated for motors >4kW and the KLS-S is rated for <4kW.