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05 October 2010, 1348
I know, I'm Brammofan and I'm supposed to be all for Brammo. However, I originally got involved with Brammo because of my interest in seeing EVs succeed. That's still my hope, and because of that, I proposed that we should have a Mavizen subforum. There are at least half a dozen TTX02s in existence, and I think it's possible that they will be unveiling another model at Intermot this week.

Check that... I KNOW they will be unveiling a new model at Intermot.

05 October 2010, 1359
You mean like this? If you can think of any other additions/subtractions feel free to email me. That goes for the rest of you too. Except Ted. You have to send yours in crayon picture format via snail mail.

05 October 2010, 1406
Ha ha, Ted. :D

05 October 2010, 1416
oh THATs just FINE.


05 October 2010, 1424
I still think an alternative energy section for things like solar wnd wind charging would be keen. That and maybe anotheer for Ted's crayon drawings.

05 October 2010, 1504
Also done.

05 October 2010, 1514
Thanks elmotomaster!

24 July 2013, 0526
Mavizen eh?

I just looked at their website for the first time in 2 years. Looks like they have a finger in every pie these days. A123 cells (ROFL) EIG cells (interesting) and they claim a connection with Evo Electric motors! Must be old news, but they also claim to have incorporated Evo motors into several projects. http://www.mavizen.com/product-category/motor/

So I wonder if anyone has had anything to do with Mavizen in the last 6 months or so?