View Full Version : Mavizen UK race bike question

05 October 2010, 1419
So, does anyone know what the UK bikes got that gave them so much punch over the Agni bikes mid season?

05 October 2010, 1458
What do you mean?
As far as I'm aware, a Mavizen only beat either of the two Agni bikes once in the five UK races, and Agni still won that round with a third as well!

However, I did read that the Mavizen does seem to have a greater straight line speed.
As an aside, if TTXGP are looking in .... Get someone else to write up your race reports. They're like textual Rubik's cubes!


06 October 2010, 1441
Yeah, I wasn't thinking, again. I was thinking of the round 3 where 2 Mavizen's went around the Agni's off the line. I just didn't think about round 4. Over all the Agni's are faster, but I was wondering where the Mavizen's speed came from. Was it there before, but I just noticed it in the race 3 coverage?