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27 April 2016, 1627
My bike didn't include a dashboard. The options we have for EV conversions seems pretty limited. They all pretty much resemble panel meters, right?

The dash on my $400 donor bike was missing I could just start from scratch.

I'm using a 64x32 P3 LED matrix as the main display. The ultimate goal is to build an open-source modular EV manage/monitor system. I figure if I start with small modules (display module and speed module) then branch into power monitoring (volt module, amp module) and so on and so forth (Bluetooth, GPS, blind-spot sensors, etc). I want to use this post as an informal build-log. Maybe others will find this useful.

Here are a few test pics from a few weeks ago when I first got the parts in.


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02 May 2016, 1209
Just a quick update, I've created an official buildlog on hackaday.io called The EVBox. I'm not set on the name, but all of the modules have the word "box" in them so I guess I'm stuck with it for now. The dashboard (now a module called "DisplayBox") is coming along just nicely. I outgrew the official Arduino IDE very quickly and switched over to Visual Micro running in MS Visual Studio 2015. Anyway, github repo is setup (and being setup) as well. I want to update this elMoto post more as I progress. I think this will benefit a lot of people if I can nail it.

The EV Box hackaday.io project (https://hackaday.io/project/11487-the-ev-box)
2001 Suzuki SV650 electric conversion hackaday.io project. (https://hackaday.io/project/11492-2001-suzuki-sv650e) (Mostly as a reference to the EV Box project)

Snapshots of the DisplayBox Progress
(Note: I'm not a really good programmer. I'm 100% self taught and so I have a method that makes me better, faster: SHIFT-DEL. I permanently delete my work as I progress. While it forces me to start from the beginning it also reinforces what I've learned so far through repetition. It also has the benefit of erasing bugs due to the way I mostly copy and paste code from the internet and figure out what it does later. I'm just saying, anyone can learn to code.)