View Full Version : QS Hub Motors

18 November 2016, 0945
Does anyone have any experience or comments on the QSMotor hub motors?

18 November 2016, 1834
I installed a 12 inch 5kw hub motor from them 8 months ago on my 125cc sized scooter. I like it a lot. The motor has tons of torque and stays cool. barely warm to the touch, 62ah on the 20S of Leaf modules battery does not give me enough range to make this motor break a sweat. I bought a 13 inch 8kw hub from them for another scooter my kid and I are trying to finish. My advice would be to contact Vito or Damon or Cherry and start a discussion with one of them about what you want. They can direct you to stuff they have that don't show on their website.

19 November 2016, 2003
Thanks for the info. I have a 602 enertrac motor on a 96 volt Lipo battery that doesn't have much torque at all. I think my voltage is too low for the motor

19 November 2016, 2217
96V should be OK for the 602, but if you you have a small capacity (AH) pack then you might not have the wattage to drive the motor. How many AH is you battery?

20 June 2017, 0613
I'm tempted to try the QS205 50H V3 for a gas gas trials bike conversion, it looks like it might be good for my uneducated guess, it looks like you can specify a high torque winding which I'd have thought would be good for a trails bike, along with 48v for the top speed I'd be after. Any thoughts on how suitable this would be? 3kw with a 6kw peak?