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28 January 2017, 1423

I want to buy parts for my 400kg Trike.

i need:

Motor: Motenergy, Lynch, Agni, Revolt. prefer Brushless motor but brushed Dc is also okay.

Motor controller: minimum 400A system voltage 48V or 72V

Dc/DC converter

Charger: programable

29 January 2017, 0511
I have a Alltrax AXE4844 for sale together with matching contactor and small Dc/Dc converter. It can handle 400A and is smaller than 72 volts controller. Will you use lithium or lead batteries?

29 January 2017, 0736
The alltrax 4844 will fit my project just fine :-)

If I find some cheap lipo battery's I will use lipo or else it gonna be lead acid.

What is your price?

29 January 2017, 1734
I have an Agni 95R from a '10 Zero S. Needs brushes and maybe some other work.

See my '10 Zero S build thread for pics. If you think you can use it, name your price... I'll likely go for it.

07 February 2017, 0912
What you mean with other Work?

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07 February 2017, 2216
Hi all

i need some parts for my new trike build. i'am interested in.

Lynch lem 200
Agni motor


minimum 400A and 48Volt, 72V volt controller is also okay.

Dc/DC converter 48V/12V

Charger 4x12V/20A or 48V/20A

I'm getting a pallet of nib emc-1200 chargers later in the week. 48v 18-20amp.
$150 singles

09 February 2017, 0014
Is voltage programabl? And what is max/min voltage?

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