View Full Version : Curtis 1238 factory reset question

12 September 2017, 2047
Hi, I have a 1238-6501 and the 1311 handheld programmer as well as the old version of the 1314 station software. I currently have the HPEVs version in my unit for the OS and want to flash it to the Curtis version (older one is fine). I forgot how/what I need to do to do this? Do I need a file? If so, got a link or PM me, etc. Thanks,

13 September 2017, 0728

There's 3 things in that Curtis. One is the OS. The second is VCL, which is a programming language that allows you to write programs that run on the controller to add functionality. The third is a parameter file that contains your throttle maps, throttle type, voltage settings

The Curtis default VCL load is basically blank, with no extra functionality. The HPEVS adds more functionality. With the HPEVS VCL in there, you're much better off. If you blew it away, you'd need the curtis software, OS and a blank VCL file, which is going to be near impossible to find, as they really only give it to OEM's.

If you just want a parameter file to reset the parameters to default, there are several motors that the 1238-6501 will work with, and an associated parameter file for each. Is that what you're looking for?


13 September 2017, 0818
Hi Travis, thanks for reminding me. I had done the full Curtis OS version you described on an old 1238-6501/AC31 combo I had. I did get "hard to find files." Stupidly, I don't know where I put the CD-r I made with it. For my situation, I found i didn't need the HPEVs VCL and running the motor characterization gave better performance as well as fixing a major bug that was a corruption in my HPEVs version over time. So that is what I want to do. Also, having the same OS version allows me to clone between the two controllers I have which it won't do now because the 1213 says they are incompatible.