View Full Version : 2018 Energica Eva EsseEsse9 review

07 February 2018, 1518
Here is a positive review of this new Energica model: http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/energica/2018-energica-eva-esseesse9-first-ride-review.html

07 August 2018, 1504
Here is a long review of this model, including a video. Pretty positive, but the bike does seem to have some issues that could be improved:

21 August 2018, 0639
My BMW dealer has the new SS9 model on his showroom floor. It really looks nice, although I thought the handlebars were a bit too high for my taste. (Not something that I usually say about Italian bikes.) The salesman told me that the SS9 uses the same high-power motor as do the other Energica models. They also had a white 2019 Ego model in the showroom.

I was asking the salesman about the various features of the Energica models that they sell. We discovered, via research that he hadn't done before, that they have a water cooled controller, an oil cooled motor and air cooled batteries. The are really nice motorcycles, with lots of interesting and well thought out features, but they sure are heavy. This year prices seem to start at around $25K and go up from there. :O