View Full Version : Wanted: Nissan Leaf Modules

29 March 2018, 0724
Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a 12 to 24 Nissan Leaf modules. Preferably the newer Gen II cells (>=2015 model year I believe).

I was even considering buying a wrecked leaf but it looks like they are getting scooped up for ~4 grand.

If anyone else is looking, maybe we could do a group buy? I reached out to a few companies and sellers on ebay. We would need to place an order for ~100 modules to make shipping worth it.

Anyway putting it out there..


29 March 2018, 0745
Have you considered Hybrid Auto Center online? They carry a bunch of leaf/volt/cmax batteries.

29 March 2018, 0811
Yes I reached out to them, just waiting on a quote. Trying to put out as many inquires as possible. Shipping can be $$$ depending on where you get them.