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T Rush
07 April 2018, 1246
I've been following this guy's life and projects on youtube for years
....so when he started this, I knew it was going to be awesome


it always seems like many of his things are over complicated and will never work, and because he now lives on an island he doesn't have the proper tools and shop to pull this stuff off anymore so these things will never even get done to see if they would of worked; but yet he always has great success!
...check out some of the other things he has built too; like the giant robot spider, his boats, and all the other electric stuff


Ted Dillard
07 April 2018, 1550
guy needs to find a girlfriend... lol

T Rush
07 April 2018, 1746
he does live on the island with his gf and their daughters
....during the 3months time when he was building this from idea start to ordering/shipping parts to Panama to working finish(which he dug and moved the clay soil by hand until this was ready); he was daily casting concrete walls for the girls 3story tower fortress, digging a canal deeper to the small island(that he'd built a wall around), constructing a wharf with produce trees and plants along it...also in just those 3months made hammers, chicken coops, solar power arrays, jaws of digging scoop thing for the canal, umbrella, sheet-metal cutting shear, floating dock, assembled chainmail vest he wears during his daily workouts for extra weight.... along with swimming daily; spear fishes, cooks, plays with and home schools the kids, watches movies, plays video games, 3D designs and prints, makes edits and uploads not only project videos but rants, inspirational, philosophy, health/fitness videos
....he moved from an off-the-grid complex(he even had to build the road to it, along with everything else by himself) in Vermont to this island that he first had to build a live aboard boat to get to....he made his money from restoring other peoples homes and building cabins from scratch in Alaska for them, and designing a small toy version of his gaint robot; also trades work for locally milled lumber and other supplies...but has never asked people to subscribe, like, or share his ad free videos on youtube to earn money from his channel, tho does have Patreon and PayPal for donations, people also will send him tools but he hates it when they come to try an help(he has another bigger island he wants others to build a community on, but finds that people don't last in the harsh environment and he has to rescue them and send them back on a boat, so now charges anyone a $15 deposit to pay for the water taxi to leave)
....the nearest town is about three hours away by boat; he goes in to dig thru trash, scrap yard, and outdated hardware stores to find supplies....he can have stuff he buys on eBay shipped to a friend in Florida, who will put the stuff on a boat to Panama that he then has to go into town to pick up in one of the four other solar wind or human powered boats he built(or water taxi)..recently bought up more broken vintage large shop tools that he repaired to finish his first tower....he also uses the SolarDozer as a mobile power-plant to run his tools
...the guy is super human physically and mentally, bucks traditional thinking and building methods, and burned his diplomas

oh, I forgot there are fan compiled highlight shorter videos of this project



...this is considered to be one of his smaller less significant projects

Ted Dillard
08 April 2018, 0419
What kind of boggles my mind on this project is that he's done all this work (which I'll freely admit I haven't spent the time watching all of it, or even more than a few minutes) on what is a painfully small unit, bulldozer-wise. It's basically the same scale as a lawn tractor, which I have some experience converting: https://www.homepower.com/articles/vehicles/project-profiles/diy-electric-tractor

...not to mention the hand-actuated blade lift.

Ah well, it takes all kinds. :rolleyes:

("he does live on the island with his gf" I probably should have been more specific, but in the interest of good taste... :cool:)

T Rush
08 April 2018, 1053
he almost built it too big to fit out the door
....people always give him a really hard time about how he does stuff(so he just ended up disabling the comments on his videos)..but its hard for us to get the true scope of what works and what doesn't on his island, where he is down in the trenches

speaking of the girls; he just posted a new video of finally being able to move them off the live aboard this weekend....and now is gonna turn the boat into a "man cave" saying the first thing he is going to do is play video games but with the sound on