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12 April 2018, 2213
I just learned of this board that has 30 i/o pins which can be used to monitor up to 5 volts each, and I only need 25. It would be fairly simple to add up all the individual cells to safely monitor and display the whole pack voltage as well. Now I just need to learn how to build a cell balancing circuit. Anyone have any tips? https://www.teachmemicro.com/featured-dfrobot-bluno-m0/

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12 April 2018, 2246
The problem with this generally is that the board uses a common ground for all of the 5v input pins. The cell voltage is cumulative across your series connections, so your second cell is 10v to the board, third is 15v, etc. You have to do something to isolate the voltage of each cell individually.
Could maybe be done with the right opto isolators.

13 April 2018, 0959
Thanks Andrew... that's exactly what I was wondering how to accomplish. I was thinking about using some sort of mosfet to separate each cell and then use the mosfets to balance the cells , if that was even feasible. I think I saw some mosfets that have a separate voltage monitoring output terminal.... I don't know if something like those can be wired safely to an arduino