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22 April 2018, 2123
Hi all,
I got my new sevcon, Thanks Travis!, but I need some help with the fault codes.(I tired searching the forum first)
I am converting from a Kelly so the setup is a little odd.
Basically I have my battery ground on a E stop(with high current auto disconnect) this connects everything including my dc/dc converter.
My key switch switches 12V from the DC to the contactor which then connects the 96V pack to the B+ on the sevcon and the logic circuit.

So first issue: do I need to have my contactor tied to the Sevcon to work? Can I just select 0 contactor inputs and have them all "not specified"
If I have it set to 1 I get a line contactor welded fault. Otherwise I don't get a fault. Alternately I tried to tie a dummy 12V relay to the contactor line and still would get the fault (contactor voltage set to 12V)

Second Fault: I get a sequence fault: I am assuming that I have an issue with my FS1 or FWD switch inputs. I have FS1 tied to the throttle switch and FWD tied low. REV is left floating. Am I missing an input required for the sequence?
I cannot seem to find much detailed info on what the sequence is.... Very "PC load letter" to me.

Thanks all and hopefully this helps someone else in the future too.

22 April 2018, 2152
The Sevcon should be the only thing connected to the contactor. The Sevcon controls it. You just need to give pack voltage to pin 1, KSI.

Wire per the manual.

Next, FS1 needs to be active prior to activating forward, and before giving throttle. Needs to be in that order.

23 April 2018, 1612
Well I ordered a new contactor and I was able to get it spinning by setting contactors to 0 and setting it to ignoring contactor welded faults. Then Turn on -> connect FWD -> and then it goes whenever FS1(throttle switch) is on and the throttle input is above min.
Only issue I have now is that the bike accelerates to runaway and I have to slam the E stop to stop it from taking off. A tiny amount of throttle seems OK. Anymore and It just takes off! Maybe because FS1 turns off?
I guess I need to look and see if the throttle is mapped to something crazy.

Getting closer :-) I am super excited for the torque.

24 April 2018, 0826
The controller is set for torque mode, so throttle percent = torque percent. The RPM can very easily spin out of control if there's no load on the motor. Once it's installed in a vehicle, it'll feel more like the original ICE. I think you're expecting it to operate in Speed mode, where throttle percent = motor RPM percent.

Not sure what contactor you got, but do NOT use an EV200. They don't work properly with the Sevcon.

Don't operate without having the sevcon control the contactor. I just don't recommend it. It's OK for now, but the sevcon cannot disconnect itself if there's a fault. Just interrupt power to KSI if you want to turn off/on the controller.

24 April 2018, 0907
EV200 or LEV200? It was my understanding the LEV is the non economizer version.
Either way, yes I will have a suitable contactor installed other than my keyswitched one as soon as possible.
The motor is hooked up to the bike and at this point I have most of the settings how I want them. The only issue is that any more than a hair of throttle and it will continue to run away accelerate even when throttle is reduced with fwd and Foot switch disconnected.
I Imagine that one of the gains somewhere has to be off. I'll keep digging. 2 hours every night and eventually i'll crack it.

25 April 2018, 2221
Read my post. The controllers are set to torque mode when I program them. With no load it will runaway because it requires very little torque. It's fine. Put a load on it or mount it and ride it it won't runaway. Throttle controls torque.

25 April 2018, 2221
Also only use lev200 with the sevcon.

26 April 2018, 0622
Yup, I confirmed that. of course you are right. Just wanted to make sure I didn't hurt myself, the wife would make me sell the bike!
I got my LEV200 in so after a bit of rewire and some new mounting brackets I'll be good to go.

Thanks again

27 April 2018, 1626
You're welcome! Glad it's now working bud!