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Ted Dillard
05 September 2018, 0304
I'm putting this here because the Tesla Owners Forum is kind of snooty (yeah I'm a member, but I'm not a Tesla Owner. Maybe that has something to do with it...) and Elon doesn't respond to my tweets anymores... :rolleyes: ...but I have an idea.

I have a long commute. A lot of it is bumper-to-bumper on I95, going about 5mph. It's 4 lanes of traffic in some spots, mostly 3. Hold on... gotta get a refill on my coffee for this...

OK, I'm back.

So, I'm going along in the far-left lane at about 5-7mph, and I look over and there's this SWEET pearl-white Tesla 85D (my favorite paint job on almost any car) and I check it out as I'm passing it. The guy is looking down, presumably at his phone or tablet, which annoys me. I've got to say, about 75% of the drivers I see on that road are texting or talking on phones, and it's frightening. EXCEPT, the car is keeping a really safe (about 15') distance and moving VERY smoothly. We leapfrog a few times (if you can call it that, moving at a snail's pace - "leap-snailing"?) and every single time I see him, he's still looking down. NEVER looked up. Suddenly it occurs to me he's on Autopilot. Impressive.

So, then, I'm on his rear quarter, and I was startled by seeing his brakes light up and a car to his right cut right in front of him - cutting him off - but the Tesla braked smoothly, let the car in, and there was no drama whatsoever. He was still looking down - never looked up, from what I saw, not even for a second. I was astounded. Here's a traffic incident that raised my blood pressure, and I wasn't even in the car, but the car handled it gracefully, smoothly and safely and the driver was not even visibly aware.

Suddenly I have a eureka moment, and understand how utterly useful this product is. I've always treated commuting on this road like riding the train. You get on, find your spot in your lane, and just follow the bumper in front of you until you get to your exit. It's tedious, but there's far less stress than routes that require lane-switching and dealing with intersections. I have, for years now, thought it'd be cool to have cars that can get on the highway and hook up like train cars... and here it is, a Tesla, of all things. I get this visual image of a Jetsons cartoon. George kisses his wife, goes out and gets into his little spaceship, drives out to the highway, locks in his spot in the line, and settles back and reads the paper while he gets driven to work.



But here's my idea.

So, the Tesla recognizes driving actions, and pretty likely identifies several actions as "aggressive" or "erratic". It would be a piece of cake to ID the car from the plates, and keep a database on cars that routinely display this kind of behavior. So my car now, on my commute, sees a car that cut me off a week or so ago, and goes into "Caution, asshole driver" mode. I mean, I routinely see the same cars at the same times on the road, for all the thousands of cars I see. There's one guy, I can tell if I'm running late by where I see him on the road.

NOW for the cool part. You know how Teslas all communicate with the Tesla Homeworld? Well how about they all share their database on asshole drivers? You're talking nothing less than "swarm" robotics applied to real-world driving. (The visual of a hive of Teslas around an "asshole driver" will keep me going for days... )


...that is all. Carry on. (You're welcome, Elon, if you're listening...)

Ted Dillard
05 September 2018, 0548
AS USUAL it would seem someone has stolen my idea before I've even had a chance to make it:

...oh well.

05 September 2018, 0609
Those bubble car trains are exactly what government regulators and safetycrats would love to see in our future. Unfortunately, motorcycles are not included in this concept. :mad: And if you think that freeway trains are great, just wait until flying bubble cars arrive and their pilots start playing with their cell phones while in the air. And then we can add Amazon package and pizza delivery drones into the mix. Time to put on your aluminum-foil helmet. :rolleyes:

Ted Dillard
05 September 2018, 0637
My son, who is actually working in this sector, passed this info on to me:

"look up V2V and V2I technology
(vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to infrastructure)
also, V2X (vehicle to everything)



this is from 2016 and actually doesnt even use the internet: https://techcrunch.com/2016/08/16/in-japan-priuses-can-talk-to-other-priuses/?_ga=2.97354015.1482284388.1536151545-68881542.1536151545 "

Ted Dillard
05 September 2018, 0641
Those bubble car trains are exactly what government regulators and safetycrats would love to see in our future.

Me too. I commute 80 miles a day, and am pretty tired of the feeling that I'm risking my life daily just to get to a job. A boring job at that. A kid totaled my Volvo for me last year, hitting me when I was stopped, going every bit of 45mph. When I went to find my phone, it was in the back seat. He got out of his truck with his phone in his hand. Someone want to explain how THAT happened? No, nevermind, i think I know.

So yeah, bring on the Safetycrats! :p

...and how would you like it if your bike started chirping a warning that there was an asshole driver behind you, about 60' away and closing? hmmmm?

05 September 2018, 0753
The "flying cars" of the future will be 100% automated, as seen in this Ted talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/paul_moller_on_the_skycar

I caught a hummingbird once too. He was cold, I picked him up from the sidewalk outside my atm before someone accidentally stepped on him. My woman warmed him up in her pocket and he flew around inside our car for a minute. He let me catch him a few more times inside the car to show his appreciation, before we freed him into the wild. Actually, he flew away inside a PetCo store... we were going to get him some hummingbird food! The girl in the store said "he'll be fine... there's an opening above that birds come in and out all the time through!!"

Ted Dillard
05 September 2018, 0816
hummingbird? wuut? :confused:

oh... got it. watching the video now. :cool:

05 September 2018, 0833
Watch the Tedtalk, Ted!

Ted Dillard
05 September 2018, 0843
Had to wait for my boss to go do whatever it is he does! lol

05 September 2018, 0902
I know what you mean!
Also, as a side fight, since this is posted in the fight club, Professor Moller talks a little bit about the Wankel rotary engine...
I remember Norton was building a wankel powered motorcycle just before they went out of business. I believe it was doing pretty well on the race scene at the time. I would love to ride one of those badboys!
Here it is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu53wjxbJN4

Ted Dillard
05 September 2018, 0930
Yeah, been a huge fan of the rotary since the '70s. At that time, it was the same power of a small block V8, with half the weight and bulk.

I'd love to see what he's doing to it to get 4x out of it. As far as I'm aware, everything anybody's tried has dramatically reduced the reliability - blowers, etc - and he doesn't really mention that. 'course I don't really care anymore, because: electric. :rolleyes:

05 September 2018, 1022
The last I read about it I think it couldn't pass CARB !! (Ca emissions). Battery technology is the only thing holding us back from electric flight in my opinion. It's just a matter of time though.