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Ted Dillard
14 September 2018, 1244
Well, I know Mike and the mods have been forced to work overtime with a lot of the noise that we've been getting, and, also, I've been on a few other forums (who shall remain nameless) stomping out some little fires there too. Funny. From their description, we have it really, really nice. I mean, there's one mod who won't speak to another mod because they fight about technical questions/answers on posts a lot, and NOBODY likes the head admin, it sounds like.

ANY way. Thanks for all that you do, and sorry our little quirks sometimes turn into big problems. (WHO YOU CALLIN A LITTLE QUIRK??) and by our, I mostly mean mine. I have no money, but I'm going to chip into the pot anyway. (If anyone wants to buy a book, maybe, I'll have moar monay and can chip in bigger? JUST A THOUGHT.)



You're still a cranky ****, Mike, but you know I love your punk ass.


(The Artist Formerly known as "Ted" of Ted and the Electro Flyers)

(and no I haven't been drinking. YET)

14 September 2018, 1348
I am NOT a **** you ******* ****. **** my ******* ****. ****, with a capital ****!!!

Ted Dillard
14 September 2018, 1540
that's easy for YOU to say!

Ted Dillard
14 September 2018, 1541
(does anyone know what he said?)