View Full Version : WTB ME1003 or similar (ME709)

11 December 2018, 1741
Hi All,

I'm working on converting a suzuki RF600 for a senior design project in college and am in need of a motor. Our budget is fairly slim but we've been lucky to run into deals and generous people so far, so if any of you have an ME1003 or ME709 that needs a new home for a good price please send me a message!



12 December 2018, 1235
Do you need a controller too? I have Noah's AXE7245 and a Thunderstruck-ev competition ME1003 as a pair. I wont separate the two!
I can throw in a contactor and main fuse to sweeten the deal if you need other parts as well. I also have a Vicor dc-dc for the 15volt side of things. Let me know.

17 December 2018, 0906
Hey all, I'm still looking. FYI i'm running a ~100V pack otherwise I would have taken Stevo up on his offer.

24 December 2018, 0230
PM sent!


26 September 2019, 1016
Hey all, I'm likewise looking for a ME1003! Probably going to go with Amazon/eBay unless someone has one they'd like to part with. Thanks!