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17 April 2020, 1247
Hey Guys! I truly hope this posting finds you all staying healthy and safe.
I work the front lines in my local community hospital fighting this pandemic.
There are quite a few YOUTUBE videos of people calling this disease a hoax, saying its way overblown and the facts are not there, etc
You can take the threat of COVID19 as seriously or as lightly as you want, or any point in between. Because of my job, I am potentially exposed
to it everyday I go to work. Therefore I must live my life in permanent quarantine and wear a mask whenever I'm out in public, to protect the public from me, as I can be potentially a source
of the virus without knowing it. I was sick with flu 3 weeks ago. They tested me for influenza with a nasal swab, and I was + for influenza A. Because of that +test, they wouldn't "waste" a COVID19 test on me as they are in such short supply. I could be a carrier and they don't care! Odds are in my favor that I am not, but no way of knowing for sure without the test.

I was doing some research and I found something very peculiar, an anomaly. As of today, on this site (https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries),
it shows USA currently at 690,900 total cases with 35,900 deaths and, most important statistic of 13,466 in serious/critical condition.
The anomaly I want to discuss today is the stats coming out of Germany!
Germany is currently showing a total case count of 139,134 with only 4,203 deaths and only 4,288 in critical serious condition.

I have a theory as to why Germany is keeping their numbers so low. It has to do with the immune system, which reside in your guts, not your blood per se.
You see, Germans don't refrigerate their beer, unlike us stupid Americans! Germans also eat sauerkraut! Its a known fact that eating fermented foods is good for your guts, therefore providing a better immune system.

To prove my theory, we need to compare the average influenza flu stats (not Covid 19 stats) between USA and Germany. I could not find that info anywhere on line. Maybe someone in Germany can find out what these numbers are.
In USA, the average death rate for flu is 12000-61000 per year. We are already over 35000 deaths from COVID19 and its only April !!!:O

I don't know about you, but from what I've seen at work, I don't want this shit! I'm going to start eating sauerkraut and drink my beer at room temperature!!!:cool:

Stay safe guys!!

20 April 2020, 0039
glad to hear you seem to do well, and i do highly respect all medical/care people who do fight on such occasions on the front-line. It does need some balls to go where every one else runs from.

That said,
interesting theory you have there, but frankly most germans do not eat more healty than say americans.. ok maybe our beer is clean and so on but most people live on pizza and burgers, chinese take out etc.
(Me being vegetarian and living on the country side since 35+ yrs might be an exception, as are the about 12 % vegetarians in germany..).
But if somebody comes along with some numbers ..

Anyway i heard some other theories that you might include:

1. Pollution,
living in polluted cities might ad to the seriousnes of any case (i.e. as your lungs not as healthy as they should be) so q? more cases in industrial cities as in "cleaner" cities?

2. exposure by time and by number
take people commuting in trains vs. poeple who might have caught it while shopping and otherwise living sorta alone, say home-office.
number: being exposed to corona infected people multible times ( again trains or party, stadions, spring break) might lead to more heavy cases than getting it just by meeting someone infected shortly (say a chat over the fence..)

Some of the above might explain the high numbers in New York for example and in Wuhan, while Berlin on the other hand been simply locked down more early in relation to NY.
One of the (percentage wise) most affected cities in germany, eventhough quite small and no heavy industry, relates more to 2) as they had a HUGE carnival party going on , where seemingly most people got it from and than spread it round..

Anyway i hope you will stay healthy, take care.

greets from Munich


20 April 2020, 0048
some stats i could find

doesnt mean much to me unfortunately.

On a general line they claim any number between 800 and 20.000 death per yeare on influenca being "normal" (germany about 85 mio ppl)
hope that helps some..


20 April 2020, 1024
Thanks Flo, that was the numbers I was hunting for...
Here in USA, there are many people saying that this covid 19 is no worse than the flu.
California is doing much better than NY because of the early lockdown and self quantine.
We are already over 41000 deaths in USA and its still only April

The numbers for Germans to watch than would be around 20,000. So far you are still under 5000, which is less than 25% of your annual average from flu. We are already over 50% here...
Stupidity runs high in USA. I went to the hardware store over the weekend and very few people were wearing masks.

BTW, When I was on holiday in Europe back in 2002, I was amazed at how yummy the German beer was at room temp. I don't know why that is. American beer tastes like shit when its warmed up to room temps.LOL

24 June 2020, 0113
You know, at the beginning of the epidemic in Ukraine, many people fought hard against the epidemic. But now they have relaxed and ceased to defend themselves. Because of this, the number of people who became ill again began to grow!:mad:

24 June 2020, 0702
You know, at the beginning of the epidemic in Ukraine, many people fought hard against the epidemic. But now they have relaxed and ceased to defend themselves. Because of this, the number of people who became ill again began to grow!:mad:

The same thing is happening throughout the U.S., also. It just goes to show you that people everywhere are pretty much all the same. Take care and best wishes.

24 June 2020, 0846
Its difficult to stay focused and vigilant against a foe that cant be seen or understood.
I'm afraid we are gonna be stuck with this reality for a while longer.... and it is getting old fast.
If anything, its a real reality check, and the revelations of our political system's short comings are eye opening
to anyone paying attention.

13 July 2020, 0114
I guess after the epidemic ended, the way of life of humanity to split into "before" and "after" epidemics. I mean, the approach to safety from disease will change.