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14 June 2020, 1535
I just purchased one of those Chinese 2000W mini bikes that go by various names such as "E-Vader" or "E-Grom" or "E-Monkey".
The one I ordered claims to have LifePo4 batteries rather than the normal lead acid ones.
I plan to do a very detailed review of the unit, and post a lot of the information that I have searched for, but either could not find or had to source from many different places in the hopes that this might help someone else in my situation down the road. These bikes use the QSMotor hub motors, but from what I can gather, it is a custom "72V1950W" unit. I cannot find any good pictures of it so I will post some after I receive mine.

Mods I plan to do include:
- Replacing the stock 72V battery with a 96V battery made from first gen Leaf cells (If I can get them to fit)
- Replace the anemic stock controller with something substantially more powerful (Maybe a bigger Kelly or a SEVCON)
- Replace the stock 10" 2kw hub motor with a 12KW 12" one, and replace the front stock 12" wheel with a 14" one
- If possible, replace the stock front forks with a set off of a honda grom or something similar.
- Upgrade the rear shock
- reinforce the welds on the frame
- add a permanent on-board charger with standard AC in, and J1772 support

If anyone has any insight into any weird quirks on these motorcycles, I would appreciate the info.

14 June 2020, 1852
Welcome to the forum. This will be an interesting thread. Be sure to include lots of pics . Cheers:cool:

16 June 2020, 0533
if the seat and handlebar will be the only things you do not plan to change you might just as well find a better suited different bike alltogether for your conversion. I.e. without altering the frame..

A more pragmatic tip:
make sure your 12 KW hub motor will fit your swing , otherwise see above
Keep us posted


26 June 2020, 0942
I received a Boom E Vader with SLA batteries a month ago. Same hub motor you have. I am working on upgrades myself and would love to share tips and tricks.

06 July 2020, 2330
Well that's disappointing...
The company I ordered from canceled my order because they miscounted inventory and cant get any more in stock because of covid...

Oh well...
Back to plan A then.
Plan A was my other motorcycle project: Yamaha XS750 conversion.
Ill post another thread for it.

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28 July 2020, 1141
My 13 inch 72V 8000 watt QS motor should arrive in a few weeks. So far it is has been fun to tool around town but not fast enough or enough range at this point. So far I have upgraded to Honda Grom Forks and when I get free time, I will install the aftermarket shock and brakes/levers.
I have a 3000 watt Greentime controller rated for 80 amps at 72Volts. Rumor has it, this controller can be shunt modified to pass more current. Once the motor and controller are installed, I will be building a battery pack to handle the draw.

21 August 2020, 1059
So far I have gotten the Honda Grom forks, aftermarket shock, and new tires. I also installed the new 8,000 watt V4 QS motor. I am sourcing axle spacers at the moment and waiting on SS brake lines.
Tracking down the pack that i should build. Hoping to use G2 Leaf batteries but open to other options in the $1K range.

03 January 2021, 1447
How's this coming?
I'm really interested to see pictures and/or videos.
Those LG chem cells are great.
You need a good BMS though.
I would recommend the ANT bms from aliexpress. It has worked well for me.

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