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30 October 2010, 0627
The Lawless Racing Team will be at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta Ga. Nov 12-14 for the Manufacturers Cup event. This event is being touted as the largest motorcycle drag race event of the decade. It will feature all of the 5 second drag bikes in the country running head to head. Mixed in with this fire breathing group will be the Lawless 7 second electric machine. We have made a few updates to the bike and are setting performance goals at 7.30's and 180 + MPH. If we are fortunate enough to get to that level we can lay claim to having the quickest AND fastest electric scoot on earth. I have attached a link to the event flyer here.


There is grudge racing Friday and Saturday night. In addition to the demonstration passes Larry Mcbride will be making on "Rocket", we will be working to set up some head to head runs against some of the World's best ICE machines. We are very excited to be invited to this event. The best motorcycle drag racing teams on the planet will be there to witness first hand what electric power can do.

Please join us in Ga. if you can.

Shawn Lawless

Nuts & Volts
30 October 2010, 0937
Good Luck to you! Can't wait to hear some good news from the event.


30 October 2010, 2011
Kepp the good news coming :)

31 October 2010, 0235
We have raced there a time or two. The cooler weather may make it a bit dicey for traction at this track.

We will see if we can make the event.

Ed & Tammy.

07 November 2010, 0419
When do you think you'll be on the track? Can't make it Friday, but there is a possibility for Saturday or Sunday.

19 November 2010, 0652
Here's a story about Shawn's weekend in Georgia (http://green.autoblog.com/2010/11/19/lawless-rocket-shoots-for-the-moon-lands-in-our-hearts/). Lots of pictures and it seems he's considering building some street bikes for sale.


19 November 2010, 0838
Very nice! Thanks for the link.