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14 November 2010, 1610
If it is not one thing, it is another with my GPR-S. In addition to problems with lame batteries (for this use) and an apparently malfunctioning BMS board, today while putting my hands into the works, they came away covered with something like white cake icing. It is oozing out of the area between the Sevcon controller box and the finned heat sink attached to it. Is this normal, or is it an indication of something else going bad?

And no, I didn't try licking the icing off of my hands. :rolleyes:

14 November 2010, 1622
Is this normal, or is it an indication of something else going bad?

I think this one's normal Richard. It's probably just thermal paste, a greasy (white usually) paste thats smeared between a heatsink and the hot source to aid thermal conduction. It's really messy stuff, difficult to apply neatly, and inevitably 'oozes' out when the heatsink is tightened down.


14 November 2010, 1627
My guess is that is is some type of thermal compound between the two to increase the transfer.

14 November 2010, 1808
and it tastes terrible!!!!!

14 November 2010, 1818
And when you think you have cleaned it all up.....more appears!

14 November 2010, 1904
Thanks everyone! That explains it. You let me know just in time as I was planning on spreading it on my toast during dinner. :p