View Full Version : A rolling Tron Light Cycle replica

08 December 2010, 0852
Here is a video of a replica of a "Light Cycle" built by a custom chopper builder. Personally I wouldn't want to ride this thing and you will note that you don't see too many views of the bike attempting to corner. I think that when it reaches a corner, a bunch of people run down to the end of the block and pick it up to turn it around. :D Still, the shop did a pretty good job of making a real-world copy of the movie's Light Cycle. The sound effects seem a little out of place, though. :rolleyes:


08 December 2010, 0919
Doesn't seem practical at all :(

08 December 2010, 0946
ParkerBrothers Choppers (the guys that made it) offered them in gas or electric. I'll see if they've got one in the shop still, it's not too far from my office. They say it's street legal, but I don't even see a headlight or brakelight on it.

08 December 2010, 1720
Who needs a headlight; isn't it supposed to light up all over :)