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19 December 2010, 1826
I've never owned a motorcycle and in fact the only time I have ever ridden a motorcycle is when I took the motor cycle safety course this summer, where I rode a 250 cc Honda around a parking lot for two days. I passed the test and got my license and haven't ridden since. I've been given various opinions as to whether it is advisable to make a sport bike your first motorcycle, some saying no problem and others saying I must have a death wish to consider a sport bike. I don't know if it makes a difference but I ride my bicycle 200 or so miles a week, so I at least have a lot of experience on two wheel vehicles (people also think I have a death wish by bicycling in urban traffic). I know this is a little premature since neither bike is available yet but it will give me something to think about while I wait ... so, should I avoid the Empulse until I have more experience as a motorcyclist? If I do that I will probably get the Enertia Plus. My anticipated use for the motorcycle is for longer rides (20 + miles) and some Freeway driving (shorter rides I can usually just take the bicycle).

19 December 2010, 2031
I think it would more sense to buy you feel you would be more comfortable with. Personally, I like the value of the Enertia Plus and the look is pretty decent to me. However, if I were to spend much time of the Interstate, I would want the Empulse which also has the benefit of being damn sexy.

19 December 2010, 2035
I'm in the camp that says that there's no problem with a sports bike for your first bike. And like drivin98 says, it's all about comfort. Are you comfortable with the weight? Can you get your feet on the ground? Those kinds of things.

19 December 2010, 2156

Welcome to the forum and thanks for considering the Enertia and Empulse for your first motorcycle. It sounds like you're pretty comfortable on two wheels and I've always thought the urban roadies are way crazier than motorcyclists, so I agree that you should go for whatever you feel most comfortable with. I've been using my Enertia to commute back and forth to the office on mostly surface streets (10 miles each way) for well over a year now and I can say that it's the perfect tool for the job. Light, agile, comfortable, with good visibility and sure footing in all weather conditions. However, if I was required to spend time on the freeway (like if I lived in LA), I'd probably want something with more top end to keep up with the 80mph freeway traffic. There are other Enertia owners and future Empulse owners lurking here (and here: www.brammoforum.com), so hopefully they'll chime in as well...

20 December 2010, 0913
My feeling would be that you need to analyze your freeway riding needs. If all you are doing is to ride on a freeway axillary lane between two frontage roads, then the Enertia makes a lot of sense. But if you really have to join the LA freeway traffic, the Enertia will not have sufficient acceleration and top speed for safe riding on the freeway. You will have drivers going nuts behind you and making unsafe passes - or worse. No doubt you know the drill. The Empulse would be the bike of choice for freeway trips.

20 December 2010, 1205
Keep in mind, unlike a gas bike, the controllers on ebikes can be programmed to reduce acceleration and/or top speed. So it should be easy to detune either of these bikes until you're more comfortable. Yes, another advantage to EVs.

20 December 2010, 1849
The Enertia was the first motorcycle I ever rode. I took the MSF course to get the basics down. I took care to practice my riding skills in an empty parking lot over many weeks. I kept my speed down and gradually added speed as I grew more comfortable riding it. I eventually practiced tight circles and figure eights in both directions to prepare for my motorcycle license test.

In hindsight, I don't think it would have mattered if it was the Enertia or the Empulse based on my learning strategy.

20 December 2010, 1948
I have to agree with Phantom here and many of the others for that matter. My first bike was a CB750 and i learned to ride it in my pop's back yard. not much room, but it worked. the fact is you are in charge of the right wrist and you have to take responsibility for that fact. beyond that part, you're doing all the right things in my opinion. asking folks, cross checking input with others, and you took the MSF course. good luck.


21 December 2010, 1632
Thanks for the responses. I live on O'ahu so we don't really have LA style freeways. The top speed limit is only 60 mph and that is for a total of around 5 miles for the entire state, otherwise it is 55. Phantom: sounds like a good strategy.

26 December 2010, 1532
Just my 2 cents, echoing what has already been said,

As a former MSF classroom instructor, to me he only sport bikes that are dangerous to learn to ride on are any of the super aggressive ones with big power (ie liter bikes). No one but Brian knows for sure, but it seems the Empulse would be more like an old Honda NT650, as far as power and handling. So fun and quick, but not racetrack geometry. Think of it as Lemond all day geometry versus a Pinerello Prince quick flick that would put most newbies into the ditch.

I am an avid cyclist as well. You might actually like a more aggressive riding position as it will be more like a racing position on a bicycle. To me riding a bicycle was exactly like riding a motorcycle, only the motorcycle is much heavier and the power is at the twist of a wrist. Some people don't get the same feeling, like my crit racing buddy. I think either bike would be a great beginner bike. It sounds like a Enertia+ would be enough for the job, but you may want to spend the extra bit for an Empulse depending on how much you are actually on the interstate.

28 December 2010, 0331
The OP describes me to a T as well! The Empulse will be my first motorcycle :D