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28 December 2010, 2008
Although most builders will more than likely be experienced riders, Safety, and re-establishing the basics can never be over enphazised

; With the advent of several companies (Brammo, Native, Zero, Roher, MotoCyz to name a few) offering some great turnkey bikes and some of them surprisingly affordable we will start to see newer riders hopping into e-bikes as their first rides.
Especially since most electrics don't have the added complication (and intimidation) of a clutch and manual gearbox.
Nevertheless these are very capable machines and can be just as dangerous as their IC counterparts to the untrained (or cavalier)

With that in mind, a visit to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's website http://online2.msf-usa.org/msf/Default.aspx http://online2.msf-usa.org/msf/Default.aspx Provides a wealth of information for both new and experienced riders alike.

I am a proponent of proper riding gear, especially a DOT approved helmet, and visibility enhancements (reflective materials/ hi viz colors) especially since e-bikes are silent, and terefore even more easily overlooked by other motorists.

Always ride defensively, responsibly and always assume the other driver doesn't see you.

Ride safe, and keep the sticky side down!