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24 January 2011, 2241
My right fork seems to be leaking oil. I guess what I am wondering is how difficult will it be to find someone competent to make the call on whether a seal needs to be replaced or the entire fork (nobody has really checked the bike out since an accident I had a year ago) on the GPRS? Is this the kind of thing any motorcycle mechanic could do easily skills-wise and parts-wise, or would it be more prudent to go with an Electric Motorsport affiliated technician who is familiar with the GPRS frames? And how much should I expect to pay someone to replace a seal or an entire fork?

24 January 2011, 2357
It is a pretty easy affair. Best though to have someone with you who has done it the first time though. I hate leaking seals so I end up swaping both out as soon as I see one starting to leak.

25 January 2011, 0931
I have always wondered about that fork. It is like nothing that I have ever seen. I managed to acquire the Boxer 250 Owner's manual in the hopes that it would have some information about how to maintain and repair the GPR-S chassis, but it was pretty much useless. PM me if you want a copy. I think you are really on your own trying to fix that fork. You will have to start taking things apart and hope you can figure it out. Perhaps you will be able to find a seal that will work from some other bike, but you will need help from a suspension expert and has a bunch of seals around to try to find one that would fit. I am guessing that EMS isn't going to be much help, but you can always try contacting them.

Before taking things apart, remove the fork cap and measure the level of the oil below the cap so that you can replicate the oil level when refilling the fork. Oil weight will be just a guess, but it is likely to be between 10w and 30w, so 20w would likely be the best choice for the replacement fork oil. If you take things apart, take photos and do a write-up. I think you will be the only GPR-S fork repair expert it the US by that time. Good Luck!

25 January 2011, 1231
Check brake pads too. Often when fork leaks, fluid can end up contaminating the pads.

25 January 2011, 1242
Thanks Richard Skeezmour and Barron. Barron, it is precisely your post that makes me want to have this work done by someone more knowledgeable. To tell the truth, after spending a good 8-10 hours replacing a battery last weekend, I'm feeling pretty lazy to begin with, and probably wouldn't want to work on the dumb fork even if I had done work like that before. I guess since my rugged old Honda XL350R never left the road much, it never really had any fork problems. Actually, I'm not even entirely sure it is the fork leaking rather than the brake fluid (the tube for that runs along the right front tire of the bike as well). I was kind of thinking I could get any old motorcycle mechanic to fix the fork for cheap, but then I started thinking about how the frames for these GPRS machines were a little bit different and maybe I should just stick with an Electric Motorsport affiliate. I just don't want to get some random bike mechanic into something he can't handle easily, and I don't want to do something like fix the fork and have it turn out that the oil leaked all over the brakes and suddenly I can't stop (not sure I could withstand another accident!).

25 January 2011, 1303
Whip the slider clean then compress the fork a few times then check if there is fluid on it if there is even a bit of oil then the seal is blown or blowing. If you cant find a mechanic or seals you could email me im not an Electric Motorsport affiliate but I am a mechanic and forks are similar if not the same other than conventional or USD, cartridge or non so dont fear a non Electric Motorsport shop.

25 January 2011, 1636
Thanks verymuch chdfarl, will do.