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25 January 2011, 0428
Hello everyone..

As you may know, I built my own Transformer a while back for my Japanese electric kettle.

I am running into a bit of a problem with that and I am hoping that you guys can help me out..

Because of a dodgy wiring job in our kitchen (to many lights and appliances on one curcuit) Almost every time I plug the transformer in to boil some water, I blow a fuse, Darn it!
It only happens when plugging the transformer in, never while boiling water.


It's a 230 - 100v 2000VA transformer, made up by two 230 - 50+50v (2x 50v Sec. Coils) 1000VA Toroidal units connected in paralel. The Kettle is always Disconnected via a switch on the transformer when not in use and doesn't get switched on before the transformer is hooked up.

25 January 2011, 0523
It is that surge when turning it on. Are "Slow Blow" fuses allowed or are you using circut breakers? Does it do it on any other circuts in the house?

25 January 2011, 0544
Only the light circuit in the kitchen is affected.
Well to be frank, I have no idea if our panel will accept slow blow fuses. These are the fuses we use: http://www.nettobuild.dk/media/catalog/product/cache/1/small_image/150x/602f0fa2c1f0d1ba5e241f914e856ff9/2/-/2-010-0.jpg
Mounted into a ceramic holder, which is then mounted into the panel.