View Full Version : Mission R Superbike to be on display in LA

26 January 2011, 1612
On February 12 between, noon and 2 pm, the Mission R Superbike will be on display at Pro Italia. The next day it will be at the Rock Store for a more general crowd to ogle over. Nothing about actually selling one, though. Read about it here:


26 January 2011, 1633
Thats nice. Wish they would take the Mission R Superbike to the track instead. Maybe the AutoClub Speedway, in nearby Fontana? Yates is already committed to being there on the 12th & 13th. How about a race?

13 February 2011, 0106
I just saw that they will be at the Rock Store at 8am. I'm not sure how long they will stay.

16 February 2011, 0903
Here is a link to a short article about the Mission R's visit to Pro Italia, which includes a 15-minute video interview about the bike (which I didn't watch as it would have taken over an hour to download).


Nuts & Volts
16 February 2011, 1007
Cool interview. Some good information, nothing super exciting. Worth a listen if you have the time.

16 February 2011, 2030
Pictures from the rock store are up on their facebook page. Of course, Jay Leno was there.