View Full Version : Backmarker reviews the Brammo Enertia

20 August 2010, 1216
Specifically, he reviewed MY Enertia.
His review is here. (http://www.roadracerx.com/features/backmarker/backmarker-spend-green-be-green%E2%80%94a-day-in-the-life-of-brammos-enertia-%E2%80%9Cpowercycle%E2%80%9D/)
He also does a video review which can be found here:


If you visit the video on youtube, please "like" or save it to your "favorites." Thanks gents and ladies. :)

20 August 2010, 1430
That is a well thought-out review. It would have been interesting to have mentioned what other electric motorcycles Backmarker had previously reviewed for comparison with his comments on the Enertia.