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10 February 2011, 1606
I heard that Brammo executives would be holding court at the Scuderia West motorcycle shop in San Francisco this morning. The word was right! They were down there signing up the shop to sell Brammo motorcycles and had brought along their prototype Empulse which was on display. Too bad that I was about the only person in the shop at the time not wearing a suit. So, in case you missed it, attached are photos.

I was told that Brammo's exclusive selling agreement with Best Buy had expired and now regular motorcycle dealers could sell their vehicle range. As far as I am concerned that is great news. :)

Nuts & Volts
10 February 2011, 1623
Damn I woulda skipped work for that (ok i would have gone in late :)). Did ya touch it?

10 February 2011, 1631
I not only touched it, I sat on it. The pegs are high and the bars a bit low for my taste. The seat is great, though. However, I was told that all that would change, including the expensive front forks, when the final production Empulse is introduced. Right now the bike that you see is just a test bed for their technology and equipment. It is hand-built and based upon their racing bike.

10 February 2011, 1641
Awesome! (I hate you. But in the nicest possible way. :D)

10 February 2011, 1830
Did you get to speak with brian at all? Did they confirm that their production/delivery dates are being pushed back?

10 February 2011, 1910
I did speak with Brian for a couple of minutes, but I did not ask him about the delivery dates, figuring that was information that I was not going to get if it was not already announced on a public forum or their web site.

He did mention that the Li batteries came to them from China in pouches and were assembled at their factory into the casings that you see on the bike. He said that the batteries are built in a blast-proof room that is extremely well ventilated to protect all of the workers in the factory should something bad happen during assembly.

One of the shop salesmen mentioned that the production Empulse could very well exceed the published performance claims for the vehicle.

The Brammo staff seemed pretty busy and didn't stick around too long. They went off to the shop's business offices and left me to talk motorcycles with a very nice young lady who seemed to be running things, as we continually were interrupted by the staff asking her to make decisions. After a while she had to deal with more business and moved on. That left me to buy a can of chemicals and then I left for home.

There was one motorcycle there that I had heard of but had not seen before. It is the KYMCO Quannon, a 150cc air-cooled motorcycle selling for just under $3000. See the attached photos. It looks like a well-designed bike, but I was told that it has little torque and requires a lot of clutch slippage to get moving, so it is probably not going to sell well in San Francisco - as the city is full of hills. It looks like it would be a nice chassis for an electric motorcycle, though.

11 February 2011, 1021
I did speak with Brian for a couple of minutes, but I did not ask him about the delivery dates, figuring that was information that I was not going to get if it was not already announced on a public forum or their web site.

Richard - Are you sure you spoke to me? We did see a lot of people that day, but it was only later when Bruce, our CFO, and Ben, a member of our investment bank, mentioned that they had spoken to someone who owned GPR-S that I thought you may have stopped by. I think you may have spoken to Ben, who is about my age and physical build. I'm actually impressed that an investment banker was able to pass for me!

That's a bummer as I would've loved to meet you in person. Now I know to look for the guy in the brown riding suit next time I'm down. I bet you thought I was a real d*ck for not remembering any of our interactions from the forums!

Scuderia West is a great dealership and we're looking forward to having them as a part of the Brammo dealer network. Don, the owner, is great and really "gets it". They'll also be trained to provide full service for our products.

Here's what I look like for next time. ;)


11 February 2011, 1559
Sorry Brian, everyone was wearing suits and I apparently got confused. I think you were right, I must have been speaking with Ben. He was nice to speak with, though and he did seem to know more about what was going on at Brammo than I did. :)

Next time I'll remember what you look like. I also apologize for what my camera did to the red paint on the Empulse. :O

11 February 2011, 1724
So, Brian. I know you're engaged, so I need to give you this little bit of advice... that "I wasn't there" thing? No good. Nope. :D

And you seriously need to crop that photo... here you go, no charge.


11 February 2011, 2223
Going back through my photos, lookie what I found:


Looks like Richard and I were too busy taking pictures of the Empulse to look up and say "hi" to each other... sad.

12 February 2011, 0842
It is that darn bike. It got all the attention. :D

And there I go again, paying more attention to motorcycles than people. :o