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23 February 2011, 1906
About 30 minutes ago I was watching the CBS National News. They were discussing today's rise in gas prices and how premium fuel had gone over $4 a gallon in San Francisco. Then they showed a close-up of a parked green Enertia, owned by a young lady, who was then shown riding off down a city street. The reporter said that she was able to ride up to 40 miles on only 35 cents - implying that maybe one way to save on gasoline bills would be to buy an electric motorcycle for commuting to work. Nice work CBS.

24 February 2011, 0038
Oil broke past $100/barrel during Wed trading, first time since '08 I believe. Latest jump was due to Libya's drop in output, and they only supply 2% of the world's oil. Imagine when (not if) something happens to a major oil producing country. The price hike will be far worse and will come out of left field. This is why we need to ramp up EVs sooner than later, to be prepared for the new norm of oil instability. The anti-EV crowd quickly forgot the last run on oil and that was only 2 years ago.

24 February 2011, 0848
As I have said before, I remain traumatized by my experiences during the 1974 gas crisis. That was during the Israel-Arab war and OPEC cut off oil supplies to the US. Even at that time, although the US was importing much less oil than we do now, it resulted in severe shortages of fuel in this country. You could only buy gasoline on even or odd days depending upon your license plate's last number. Gas stations would run out of gas within two hours of opening up. People would line up in the early morning, hours before a gas station would open and sit in their cars (or motorcycles) in line in the hope that they could get gas before the station ran out for the day. There were fights over anyone cutting in line, fill-ups were limited to 10 gallons at a time, people went around siphoning gas out of car tanks (before that no one had locking gas caps) and punching holes in gas tanks to steal fuel, gas tankers were being hijacked, gas prices were regulated, resulting in black market sales and the economy took a big hit. All this due to a temporary interruption in fuel supplies that lasted less than a year. Can you imagine what would happen now if oil supplies were again halted and what impact it would have on our economy? It would be both an economic and political disaster. I might also add that the "gas crisis" started our military interest in the Middle East, which has resulted in no end of problems for our country and its economy, due to our efforts to force a stable political situation in OPEC countries, even if it means supporting unpopular and repressive dictators at any cost.

In my opinion, the government should have spent less money bailing out big banks and big industry and more money on practical ways to reduce our country's oil consumption.

24 February 2011, 0912
I remain traumatized by the '70s in general. Oh, but, yeah, then there were the '80s...


24 February 2011, 0917
Here is a link to the entire February 23rd CBS Evening national news. The report on rising gas prices starts at 6 minutes into the news video and lasts for about 2 minutes. The Brammo Empulse portion is near the end.


24 February 2011, 1423
It's a great segment... I took the liberty of snagging the Brammo piece, for your viewing pleasure:

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/CQoxvGUuBs0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>