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Tony Coiro
24 February 2011, 2118
So, this sounds totally stupid but I've got on offer for a free ultra light plane. I am looking at it tomorrow but I think it'd make for a sick electric conversion. Thoughts? (What could possibly go wrong?)

24 February 2011, 2143
Nothing could possibly go wrong. You're bound to 'land' somewhere, right? :D

Nuts & Volts
24 February 2011, 2145
Go for it! I think you will want a high torque motor to run direct drive. At least thats how I've seen some electric gliders/ultralights, which is not many.

Please please pack a parachute or something

25 February 2011, 0310
use Lipo!!!!!!

25 February 2011, 0426
There's actually a crap-ton of information out there, Tony... here's a page of links on electric aviation:

Electraflyer.com looks like an actual company: http://www.electraflyer.com/

More links and comments: http://www.7gen.com/topics/electric-ultralight-aircraft

and... a story on Wired with pix of a build: http://www.wired.com/autopia/2009/07/new-electric-airplane/

That motor reminds me of one of those outrunner motors, too perfect for a prop- no? Dual motors is a no-brainer, too...


I'll say one thing though... step awaaaaayy from the duct tape! :D A frankenride on an electric plane could have entirely different consequences. :O

Sounds like a riot, but you're gonna have to put the "Danger" back in the name...

25 February 2011, 0536
it's not like crashing is a huge deal.. ultralights are just gliders, the motors aren't required for stable flight, they're required for *extended* flight.

25 February 2011, 0545
heh. Says you. Here are some statistics, FYI: http://www.adventuresportaircraft.com/html/safety.html

Here's an interesting chart:

http://www.adventuresportaircraft.com/causes_of_accidents__all_ultralights__in_2005_copi e_copy.jpg

...seems the biggest problem is "maneuvering". Then, "loss of control". Now, what with your track record in hallways, you may want to be particularly careful... on the ground. :D

25 February 2011, 0918
This might happen:



25 February 2011, 1125
use Lipo!!!!!!
We all know you should start a project with SLA's before moving up. :D

25 February 2011, 1128
We all know you should start a project with SLA's before moving up. :D

But if he uses SLAs, It might not go up!! :O

25 February 2011, 1148
But if he uses SLAs, It might not go up!! :O
That might not be a bad thing. What doesn't go up, doesn't come down.

25 February 2011, 1234
Endless Sphere has been having discussions on E-planes: http://www.endless-sphere.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=38

25 February 2011, 1507
Funny! Autoblog Green just posted a story on a plane: http://green.autoblog.com/2011/02/25/pipistrel-taurus-electro-g2-takes-to-the-skies-goes-on-sale-w/

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/4B5CvvpHt0c" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

25 February 2011, 1514
I hope Tony's going to take pictures. I don't think I could turn down a free plane, but how's he going to fit it in his dorm room?

Nuts & Volts
25 February 2011, 1600
Dave, lets just say Tony has connections. He wont need to store that in his dorm room.

He's an RA so he mayd just have his Resident minions store it for him.

25 February 2011, 2044
I think it's doable. It'd be just as hard as a bike or car conversion. Easier, even, if you're converting an ultralight where everything is hanging out and easy to get to. You just have to make sure the CoG doesn't change, and finding a place for enough LiFePO4 (bah lead) for a reasonable range might be tricky. Most electric planes that i've seen are powered gliders, and the engine folds away after the aircraft reaches altitude. In theory you could fly forever like that if you can fly into a thermal, then use that to stay up while you top up with regen. And then glide around, using the motor if there aren't any thermals.