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  • Zero Motorcycles Seeks Reinvention as CEO, Founder Exit

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    By Josie Garthwaite on April 5, 2011
    Published on GigaOM

    For electric motorcycle maker Zero Motorcycles, springtime is shaping up to be a season of change. The company announced today that CEO Gene Banman, who has led the startup since 2007, is retiring. This comes just about a month after Zero raised $17 million and saw co-founder Neal Saiki step down from his role as chief technology officer. Founded in early 2006 in Santa Cruz, Calif., Zero builds street and dirt bikes that run on lithium-ion batteries and sell for about $10,000. By 2007 it had found some high-profile customers, including Google founder Larry Page. The company is in the midst of a common phase in startup growth where new money comes in, old leadership exits, and seasoned executives step up to try and bring the company into the big leagues.

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    1. A-Bomb's Avatar
      A-Bomb -
      Sounds like a good plan, which should lead to more availability, better bikes and maybe even better prices.
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